Ingham County commissioner accused of living outside district


INGHAM COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) – Ingham County Commissioner Deb Nolan is being accused by the county clerk of not living in the district she represents.

Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum says that she thinks Commissioner Deb Nolan lives in Lansing, even though she represents southern Meridian Township, which is against the law.

The questions all started when another commissioner was out campaigning and was taken by surprise.

“I knocked on a door in the city of Lansing, Deb Nolan answered that door, invited me in for a glass of water, a chance to get out of the sun, and in the course of our conversation told me that she was living in that residence,” said Ingham County Commissioner Ryan Sebolt.

Sebolt says he was uncomfortable when he found out that Commissioner Deb Nolan lives outside of her district.

“You have to live in the district that you represent,” said Sebolt.

Sebolt says he told Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum right away, who then found out:

“Your voter registration address is the address in which you reside,” said Byrum. “She doesn’t reside there; she sold her house over a year ago, that’s public information.”

Byrum says that even though Nolan is registered to vote at one address in Okemos, her mailing address is actually at a house right down the street.

But despite this, Byrum doesn’t think Nolan lives in Meridian Township at all.

“The board packets that I’m responsible for mailing out to commissioners, I mailed to another house in Meridian Township, which I presume is a friend’s house,” said Byrum.

This leads Byrum to believe that Nolan isn’t telling the truth.

“Not living in the district which you represent,” said Byrum. “Voting from an address that you have no intent to move back to, she sold her house, is unacceptable behavior,” said Byrum.

Byrum says she took this matter to the police, who informed the Secretary of State. They say this is a criminal matter if it’s true, but it’s out of the Secretary of State’s jurisdiction and up to the prosecutor’s office to investigate.

6 News did reach out to Commissioner Nolan today, who didn’t want to appear on camera, but she said that she does in fact live in both Okemos and Lansing.

She says Okemos is her primary address and Lansing is a secondary residence, and doesn’t understand why she’s being accused of breaking the law.

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