Ingham County offers new way to receive emergency alerts

If you live or work in Ingham County, you’re in luck.

To better serve residents, agencies around the county have joined forces on one platform to provide emergency notifications and community news to the public.

It’s called the Capital Area Ingham County Alert System.

During an emergency the last thing you want is to be un-informed. However, if you live or work in Ingham County, now there’s a new way you can sign up to be alerted if the unthinkable happens.

“We can have the best things set up for a disaster, but if that information is not passed along to our citizens, it’s really in-effective,” says Emergency Planner for Ingham County Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Rob Dale.

“Three in the morning, if we sent you a text message that said there’s a disaster get out of your house, you’re probably aren’t going to receive it, you’re a little more likely to do so if we call your phone and there’s a recorded voice that says what to do and what sort of actions you need to take,” says Dale.

In the past, Ingham County used platforms such as Nixle or Code Red.

However according to Dale, this new system will combine emergency notifications from all township and city agencies in one place, where people can choose how they want to be notified.

“If it’s a lesser event like an accident or community news, it will go down how you select it,” says Dale.

To sign up for the system, log onto a computer and first create an account. Then, customize your information on how and where you want the alerts to come from.

“If you live in Lansing but you work in Delhi township, you can add both of those, so if something were to affect Delhi while you were at the office, you will get that alert, vice versa if you don’t want to know about something happening in meridian township, you can un-select that,” says Dale.

Dale says, along with phone alerts, there’s also an app called Contact Bridge. In the next few months, Dale says, the app will allow users to send photos or tips to law enforcement.

Whether it’s a disaster or an accident, Dale says, the new alert system will create a place where everyone has the opportunity to stay informed.

If you’ve previously signed up for Nixle or Code Red, officials ask that you un-subscribe from those services and start fresh with the Capital Area Ingham County Alert System.

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