Election going to the dogs: Polling station pooches trending


In this six photo combo image, showing dogs outside polling stations, as dogs and British people go out in the winter to vote, at various places during Britain’s general election Thursday Nov. 12, 2019. U.K. voters are deciding Thursday who they want to resolve the stalemate over Brexit in a parliamentary election widely seen as one of the most decisive in modern times. top left to right: Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds his dog Dilyn in London, Henry the labradoodle in Bristol, unknown dog waits for its owner in Glasgow. Below from left: Reggie the cocker pop puppy in Chester-le-Street, Harry the west highland terrier in London, dogs arrives at a polling station in Twickenham, London. (SIX PHOTO COMBO IMAGE BYLINE CREDITS – TOP FROM LEFT: (AP) ALBERTO PEZZALI, (PA) CLAIRE HAYHURST, (AP) SCOTT HEPPELL. AND BELOW FROM LEFT: (PA) TOM WILKINSON, (PA) JONATHAN GUN, (AP) FRANK AUGSTEIN via AP)

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LONDON (AP) — Britain’s general election was going to the dogs Thursday as voters took their pooches to polling stations up and down the country.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson set the tone early when he took his Jack Russell cross Dilyn with him as he voted in London.

The city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, followed Johnson’s lead, posting a video of himself and his dog Luna at a polling station and urging people to vote.

By early afternoon #dogsatpollingstations was trending on Twitter as owners followed suit.

Photos showed dogs dressed up in costumes varying from a bumble bee to Santa Claus sitting next to polling station signs. One was festooned with festive lights, reflecting the timing of the election less than two weeks from Christmas.

It was not clear how many dogs got into voting booths. The electoral commission saysanimals, with the exception of assistance dogs, “are not usually allowed inside polling stations.”

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