Guatemalan prosecutors seek to question former first lady

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GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — Guatemalan prosecutors sought Friday to summon Patricia Marroquín de Morales, the wife of ex-president Jimmy Morales, for questioning in connection with possible fraud.

Lead anti-graft prosecutor Stuardo Campo filed the request with a court to question Marroquín about her hiring by the Public Health Ministry in 2014 to provide technology services for which she allegedly was not qualified. The date to appear was given as July 13.

“Mrs. Marroquín did not show proof she possessed the technical knowledge in the area for which she was hired,” Campo told journalists.

A lawyer for Marroquín could not immediately be located for comment. Prosecutors said no attorney representing the former first lady had appeared at their offices.

Summonses were also sought for three former officials at the Health Ministry, including its ex-chief, who had signed off on the contract.

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