LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – As you watch the carnage unfold in Ukraine you’re probably not thinking about how this could impact your household.

However, the man the governor has charged to write a new state budget is thinking about that.

“We’ve started to think about that. It’s pressing but we don’t have a good answer for you. It’s a little early for us to understand the ramifications,” said State Budget Director Chris Harkins.

With Russia sitting on a pile of energy that Americans need to fuel their cars, some say the war is already showing up at the gas pump.

That means truckers who haul your food to the store and other goods to other businesses will be paying more too.

The CEO of Meijer was quizzed on that angle on food prices.

“What’s going on in Russia doesn’t impact us directly here. At least for now,” said Meijer CEO Rick Keyes.

However, “There always is a bit of a trickle down effect,” he said.

It’s that potential trickle down effect that forces Harkins to negoiate with the two GOP budget chairs with one eye and the other on Ukraine.

“We certainly understand the there could be ramifications,” he said.

A war over there impacting the state budget over here? Hard to believe, but it’s a real possibility.