MASON, Mich. (WLNS) — A man recently upset a community of people after posting online threatening to adopt and kill pit bulls from local shelters, additionally posting pictures of what looked like dead dogs.

After making the posts, many were upset and posted two addresses believed to belong to the man posting the threats.

One address was located in Holt.

According to Ingham County Animal Control, they began investigating the man’s claims and learned that the man lived in Clinton County.

The investigation was then turned over to the Clinton County Animal Control.

Dewitt Township Police responded to the man’s address and discovered that there had been no crime committed and the accused had only been “trolling” the internet for attention.

No animal cruelty had occurred.

The woman who lived at the Holt address has been the victim of some damage to her home.

While it is unknown if the damage was a direct result of the online activity, Ingham County Animal Control says that it’s important to remember that law enforcement should investigate all complaints and not take the law into your own hands.

Have any concerns for animal welfare in Ingham County? Email complaints to or call 517-676-8370 option #8 and an Animal Control Officer will investigate.