LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) Pregnancy and COVID-19. Like many things related to the virus, there is little information out right now. On Tuesday, a Doctor at Sparrow Hospital told 6 News expecting women may have contracted the virus, and not know it.

“You feel like oh my goodness I always feel stuffy or I always feel out of breath…so you know you may not feel like I need to go get checked out for this,” says Lakeeya Tucker D.O.

Let’s face it, for many expecting mom’s feeling sick just goes along with growing a human, and it may be difficult for women to separate COVID symptoms, from pregnancy pains.

In fact, at least seven out of the 11 symptoms for the coronavirus listed on the CDC website can easily be brushed off as pregnancy symptoms, like vomiting, body aches and fatigue. Dr. Tucker says for that reason many moms-to-be delay testing which can be dangerous.

“Women who are pregnant are more at risk.”

Expecting women already have weakened immune systems so they’re more susceptible to contracting the virus and having severe complications from it.

Dr. Tucker says the coronavirus vaccines are providing some hope.

“Even though it wasn’t tested on pregnant patients, it’s offered to pregnant patients.”

Dr. Tucker says the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t considered live which means it doesn’t enter or alter DNA.

“I mean in the end its something that you know, a patient needs to make a decision on their own whether they feel comfortable taking it or not, but if they think about how it works, then it just makes sense.”

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