Is President Trump’s infrastructure plan feasible in Michigan?


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – 6 News has an update on President Trump’s $1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure proposal.

The president says after spending trillions of dollars overseas rebuilding other countries, it is time to rebuild our own country and to take care of our citizens.

However, the plan faces an uphill battle in Congress.

A major issue with the proposal is that only $200 billion of the $1.7 trillion dollars in the infrastructure plan would come from federal funding.

State and local governments would have to come up with the rest.

That’s a lot of local money and the question at hand is if it’s even feasible here in our state.

All Michigan drivers have seen the potholes, crumbling roads and beat up bridges.

And while President Trump recognizes there are infrastructure problem across the country, for some, his plan to have local governments pay much of the bill for repairs is discouraging.

“So the plan does discuss $200 billion of real dollars coming from the federal government to leverage an additional $1.3 trillion out of the states and locals and so it’s quite a lift for states to come up with that kind of cash,” said Lance Binoniemi; Vice President of Government Affairs for the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Authority (MITA).

Binoniemi says if state and local municipalities had the resources they would already be spending them on infrastructure issues and many state lawmakers, including Senator Curtis Hertel agree.

“We pay 20 percent and that seems to work and now they want us to pay 80 percent so when you quadruple the amount that’s actually expected to come from the state I don’t think that’s a realistic plan to actually invest in Michigan or in the United States,” Senator Hertel stated.

But not everyone is against the infrastructure proposal.

State Senator Rick Jones says the president’s plan might actually work.

“I think the state of Michigan needs to ask each city to concentrate on their roads and infrastructure and we can assist them with grants if possible but probably more with low interest bonds but every city needs to be responsible. They need to spend their money appropriately,” said Senator Jones.

Regardless of what comes out of Washington, lawmakers say figuring out a plan to take care of the crumbling infrastructure in our state is a top priority.

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