Lansing, Mich —  People living at an apartment complex on Lansing’s north side are fed up with what they call unsanitary conditions. Some residents 6 News spoke with say the place should be red-tagged and shut down by the city.

“It’s trifling, it’s disgusting, I don’t know what else to do,” said resident Alison Lake. “(The landlords) say oh I got this I got this. But they don’t got this, so I’m getting a feeling it’s time to be shut down.”

Lake is talking about 318 Cesar Chavez Ave. and if it’s not one thing, it’s another. 

“Sometimes there’s no heat, there are all kinds of critters in here, bed bugs and stuff like that,” said her floormate who lives down the hall, Paul Middleton. “And the landlord, he’s not doing nothing about it.”

When 6 News arrived Tuesday, the heat had been fixed — it was a problem with the boiler. As for the rest of the complaints, 6 News reporters saw bugs as well as other problems in all three apartments they went in.

“Bed bugs, roaches, my ceiling is falling down,” Lake said. “It’s just disgusting, it’s nasty, it’s not good for kids. I can’t have my kids back, I’m actually fighting custody and he says I can’t even have my kids here.”

6 News called the owner of the building, who said: “I’ve owned it for 13 years, it gets inspected by the city every couple of years, we do everything that is asked of us.”

6 News went downtown to the city compliance building to confirm, and spoke with code enforcement manager Scott Sanford. He told us off camera the last time the city went out to the residence was March 2021 and it passed compliance tests. He also said he plans to send another crew out this week.

What 6 News saw were holes in the ceiling of a closet, in the wall behind a bathtub, loose wires in the basement, and bugs in a refrigerator. That’s on top of other problems.

“There are dead mice in the basement that still haven’t been picked up,” Lake said. “He took I think the washer out, and there’s only a dryer down there so basically now we can’t do laundry, we have to go to a laundry mat.”

Middleton removed the air mattress from his apartment and says he’s not sleeping there anymore.

“This place is a dump,” Middleton said. “It’s not safe living here, so I might just sleep in the truck tonight.”