LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – AAA announced the latest gas prices and Michigan has reached a new average high for the year at $3.33 per gallon.

The most expensive city in the state to get your gas today? Lansing, and people around here are feeling it.

Some residents 6 News spoke with say if these prices keep going up their livelihoods will take a hit.

“It’s really killing my pocketbook to stay in business right now,” said Manchester resident Allison McKenzie. “It’s making what’s a dream job for me really hard to do.”

Mckenzie is a horse trainer in Manchester, a job that requires her to travel around the state, like today when she had to take one of her horses for surgery in East Lansing.

“I need a big truck and I need a big trailer and the gas prices are making it a lot more expensive to do my job right now,” she said. “It’s a cost I’m having to pass onto my clients.”

Experts say it’s no mystery why this is happening.

“Higher crude oil prices,” said AAA spokeswoman Adrienne Woodland. “Crude oil makes up 50-60 percent of the price that we see at the pump.”

The remaining cost is determined largely by supply and demand.

At its peak last week crude oil was trading at nearly $80 a barrel, some of the highest numbers seen since 2014

People like McKenzie say it’s causing her to change the way she does things.

“You can’t train your horses virtually, you can’t go and get hay, you can’t go and pick up grain,” she said.
“I’ve had to raise board, I’ve had to charge more for what I charge in trailering, insurance.”

As far as going forward, there is some good news.

“Eventually because there’s the seasonal effect,” began Michigan Petroleum Association President Mark Griffin, “You’re going to see it go down at some point.”

But, there is bad news too.

“When that is, I can’t say,” he added.

That’s why McKenzie, is just staying positive.

“All we can do is hope gas prices go down,” she said. “And things will normalize.”