It’s move in weekend for MSU Spartans

With more than 8,000 incoming freshman arriving on Michigan State University’s campus this weekend officials say, MSU’s class of 2021 is on track to become one of the largest in it’s history.

“It’s a rejuvenation always of the campus because each one of them will make a difference to Michigan State, and hopefully we’ll make a great difference in their lives as well, not just today but 20-30 years from now,” says MSU President, Lou Anna K. Simon.

The University received 36,000 applications for this upcoming school year.

A number Simon says show’s that more students are choosing to go green.

“It turned out that a higher proportion of students than we projected chose to come, which is a really good problem to have,” says Simon.

A lot of these incoming freshman will be taking on a whole new experience…and so will the University as it welcomes a new apartment complex offering more than just a place for students to live.

“In addition to having some of the other amenities you’d have in the residents halls, you also have the market and the retail spaces of the Starbucks and the spirit shop and the ticket office, so it gives much more of this urban feeling like you’re in a downtown space,” says Vice President of Auxiliary Enterprises, Vennie Gore.

University officials say “1855 Place” will change the way MSU fans experience university sports, especially during basketball season.

“For athletic events it will be an opportunity for people to come here, they can get a cup of coffee, they can get a sandwich before the game, and then wander over,” says Gore.

But it’s not just students and university staff getting ready for the new year, MSU police are all hands on deck to help with the transition.

“Our officers are out assisting with the move in and the traffic, getting everybody in to the designated areas that they’re moving into and everyday normal traffic,” says MSU Police Sgt. Jon Martin.

6-News also checked in with East Lansing Police to find out how they’re dealing with the influx in students and police we talked to say they had a busy weekend.

ELPD officers say they dealt with a few noise complaints, and made a couple arrests for disorderly conduct.

The full stats from the weekend will be released on Monday.

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