It’s Paczki Day and diets are challenged


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Christian season known as Lent, where folks traditionally refrain from indulging in treats until Easter.

The day before was traditionally designed to use up the remaining lard, sugar, eggs and fruit that were in the kitchen so temptation would low during the Lenten season.

And thus “Fat Tuesday” was born.

The day is also known around these parts as “Paczki Day.”

And if you live in the greater Lansing area when you think paczkis you think Roma Bakery.

Employees have been getting ready for the crowds for weeks now.

Our own WeatherFirst meteorologist Jim Geyer is getting a behind-the-scenes look at how the deep-fried treats go from dough… to delicious!

Jim found that there is more to making the treat than meets the eye.

It takes a delicate touch to fill the dough with the filling. And deciding which filling to use is a challenge when there are nearly one dozen tasty selections.

There is debate over the caloric impact paczki eating will have on your diet but there’s no debating the great taste of the traditional treat.

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