It’s parent-teacher conference time — make it successful!


For many Mid-Michigan parents, it’s parent-teacher conference time. You want to make sure you get the most out of the meeting, so with that in mind, here are ways to make it successful.

First off, remember, this isn’t a one-way conversation. A parent-teacher conference is so both you and the teacher can communicate to better the student in both academics, and maybe even socially.

Teachers want to learn about their students from those who know them the most, us parents, so help them by coming to the meeting prepared. This means being ready to share information about your child the teacher may need to know, plus, arrive with a few questions for the teacher.

Dr. Patricia Edwards with the Department of Teacher Education at MSU provides a few examples.

“Ask how they’re doing — how they’re adjusting, have they made friends within the class? Do they see any issues that need to be addressed as a parent? You can share some things you know about the child that you have observed and try to line up and see if both of you are on the same page.”

It’s also important you involve your child before heading to the conference as well.

*Tell your child that you and the teacher are meeting to help him/her.

*Ask your child how he/she feels about school.

*Ask how he/she feels about the teacher.

*Ask if there is anything he or she wants you to talk about with the teacher.

Once you’re finished with the conference, talk about how it went with your child. It’s important you discuss what you and the teacher thought was going well for them in school, but also what may need to be improved. Also, keep in contact with the teacher to see if any of the planned improvements you talked about our being achieved.

Again, a parent teacher conference is to better the student and so it involves a lot of teamwork from you, the teacher, and your child.

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