JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – All United States Postal Service has suspended mail delivery at a Jackson apartment complex. 

Why residents of Granada Apartments suddenly stopped receiving mail from the delivery service earlier this week had been a mystery but a resident tells 6 News the management office said the suspension was the result of unsafe conditions.  

On Thursday, residents were informed by email from the leasing office that mail would have to be picked up at the downtown Jackson post office, 113 W. Michigan Ave. 

That’s about 4. 5 miles away from the apartments – or about 12 minutes by car.  

“It’s very inconvenient for all the residents here. We have some elderly people who don’t drive, so how are they supposed to get their mail?” asked resident Daniel Nichols-Roehm. “People that work 9 to 5, the post office closes at 5, I believe. So how are people going to get their mail?” 

His mailbox is right next to the other mailboxes of the people in his complex.

“You got your 12 apartments right here. You’ve got 12 people, it’s fast,” he said.  

He noted the mailboxes were in great condition, but, he says, the leasing office told him the post office says these mailboxes are “unsafe.” 

“They stated that the post office wanted a central location instead of outside.,”  Nichols-Roehm explains the post office’s demands. “So that the postal person didn’t have to walk up and down the steps.” 

He showed off his mailbox.  

“There’s nothing wrong with the mailbox it’s not going to fall off. Mine opens up just fine. Just a regular mailbox,” he said.  

An individual at the leasing office tells 6 News they don’t know what USPS wants the complex to do to the mailboxes. The mailboxes were recently fixed, the person said, but mail is still not being delivered.  

Nichols-Roehm said he wants answers.  

“We have no notice whatsoever. they did not put anything in our mailboxes stating hey, today’s our last day of getting mail,” Nichols-Roehm said. “Why should we be inconvenienced and not getting our mail until everything’s done? Keep everything going fine and then let’s build it if they want a central location — build it.” 

Nichols-Roehm said the USPS wants the complex to centralize the mailboxes. As it is currently configured, the mailboxes are at each unit.  

USPS said they could suspend service for hazardous conditions at any time, but would not explain what hazards existed at Granada.  

6 News reached out to the property owners but has not heard back.