Jackson City Council proposes two measures to fight human trafficking


The city of Jackson is working to fight human trafficking as officials consider two new ordinances there.

A representative from the city says these new measures would give the city the tools and power to do more about human trafficking, but the ordinances still have to go through a few more steps at the City Council level before they can be enforced. 

One ordinance would require certain businesses to post signs with a human trafficking hotline. This mainly has to do with sexually-oriented businesses including strip clubs and adult entertainment stores. The city is working on an exact definition that would require businesses to post the signs.

The other ordinance would classify human trafficking as a “public nuisance” in Jackson, giving the city more power to fight it.

“This is just saying that human trafficking is a problem in Jackson,” Public Information Officer Aaron Dimick said. “And what it does is it gives the city tools to combat it once it is recognized in the city. So it’s just kind of officially putting it on the books as a public nuisance meaning it is a danger to the health and safety of people in the city.”

The measures still have to pass a second vote in the City Council and then it would be another 30 days before the city could enforce them. The next City Council meeting is November 13th.

We’ll be here for you with updates as the measures progress.

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