Jackson community reacts to councilman’s assault charge


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — Residents packed Jackson City Hall Tuesday night to make their voices heard regarding a city councilman who has been charged with assault.


Councilman Andrew Frounfelker was charged with assault last week after police say he brutally beat his girlfriend.


6 News was at city hall for the first council meeting since this news broke to hear what residents and officials had to say about the incident.  

Councilman Frounfelker was a no show at the council meeting.


But that didn’t stop people from speaking out during citizen comment time.  


 “It is harming our city to have people with such poor character represent us,” said Lisa Putnam, the victim’s sister-in-law.


The family of Frounfelker’s girlfriend talked about this difficult time. 


 “I sat in that surgery center today while she had two metal plates put in her face. She’ll never be the same,” said Christine Willcut, a friend of the victim.


“He’s a sociopath that plays on the dominance of victims.  He’s a danger to ladies of Jackson, as well as his workplace,” said Ray Putnam, the victim’s brother.


While several people called for his resignation or removal, other residents say he deserves his day in court. 


 “I think the council needs to wait to let due process work out for him,” said Jackson resident John King.


A lot of the frustration with this situation is now turning to the Jackson City Council, but council members have different ideas about what should happen to Frounfelker.


Mayor Derek Dobies called on Frounfelker to resign.


Councilman Jeromy Alexander believes the council should impeach him.


Other council members say he deserves to be tried in a court of law before the council takes action.


Councilman Craig Pappin suggested the council launch its own investigation before acting.


Some residents called out the council for not acting quickly enough to remove the councilman, especially after recently voting to denounce Sheriff Rand for the ongoing discrimination scandal.  


“Actually, you’re all on his side is what it looks like to me,” said Jackson resident J.C. Smith.


“If he doesn’t step down, it’s on you guys,” Willcut said.


Frounfelker has not returned messages for comment.


After speaking with him recently, Mayor Dobies said that Frounfelker plans to make a decision about his future on the council soon.

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