Jackson County Animal Shelter plans to reopen for the first time since 2014


Jackson County Animal Control will be taking the streets soon for the first time since 2014.

The originally got shutdown four years ago due to funding issues, but a 10 year tax millage was passed back in August to pay $250,000 bring back animal control to the county. The millage also funds 1.1 million dollars to the Jackson County Animal Shelter, which will be home to the new animal control branch.

Director at the Jackson Control Animal Control, Lydia Sattler, says it’s a huge benefit and relief for the community to have extra help when it comes to taking proper care for the animals. It also is a relief for law enforcement. Since animal control was shutdown, officers were held responsible for taking calls to rescue animals.

“They have so many calls to respond too and they have to prioritize and if they’re going to an emergency, an accident, a traffic accident, or something where someone’s life is in danger, the animals are naturally going to fall to the lower of their priority list,” said Sattler.

Shawn Lutz is a Jackson County Animal Control officer and says it’s not a job every officer may specialize in and is harder when there’s no specific officer that handles the calls. He added that it puts a strain on officers, but the new animal control will help.

“Somebody to you know pick up those stray animals that are running around or other animals in need and relieve pressure off of law enforcement to deal with more of the human issues and leave the animals issues to animal control,” said Lutz.

Lutz is one of two officers that has been hired to be an animal control officer and they plan to hire another. Director Sattler also says that they still need volunteer directors, administrative staff and more, and hope to start the job hiring process sooner than later.

Sattler says they are hoping to open as soon as next month.

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