JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Justin Fairchild, also known as the Kilted Farmer has dedicated his life to uniting his community on the importance of protecting the environment.

“We need to do better. We can be better,” said Fairchild, the Founder of the Kilted Farmer.

It’s a mission that’s recently led him to making hundreds of thousands of small but important friends.

“For me it represents life. You know I see all the bees flying around and I could sit out there for hours.”

These honey bees are making themselves right at home at one of his many bee conservatories. He says protection is needed right now as bee populations are rapidly declining because of habitat loss.

“We’re just wiping out species that are here to help us. You know when they help provide 40% of our food supply and we take away 60 to 80 percent of theirs. Their species is going to decline,” Fairchild said.

A fate he says would have devastating effects on the planet. That’s why he’s leading a program called “a Bee Friendly Environment.”

“My goal is to get people into bee keeping and pollinator friendly habits hopefully and eventually on a national scale because there is a struggle throughout the US,” he said.

He’s working to get conservatories like this set up around Jackson county, while also teaching people how they can take care of and adopt a hive. It’s a project that he hopes not only creates sustainability and a stronger environment.

“I want Jackson to be the standard for a bee friendly community. And I want us to set that standard,” Fairchild said.

Adoptions are just getting started. For ways you can get involved, click here.