JACKSON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) — Jackson County Animal Control found a Rottweiler shot last month, wandering near Waterloo State Recreation Area.

The owner of the dog, Amanda Crowder, 62, confessed Wednesday afternoon to shooting her dog Zoe in Jackson’s 12th District Court.

Zoe survived the shooting and is now in the custody of Jackson Animal Control, along with a miniature poodle owned by Crowder.

Police say the found a gun at the home they believe was used in the shooting.

Crowder is facing one count of second-degree animal torture, and another of abandoning and cruelty to an animal.

She faces up to seven years in jail and a $6,000 fine.

Jackson County Animal Control said its confident the charges against Crowder will stick.

Also, Zoe is doing much better.

“She is doing very well. She is in a secured foster facility currently with the family, and she is recovering very well. She is getting more and more active,” said Shawn Lutz of Jackson County Animal Control.

“Her wounds are healing up nicely — you know, out there back in the community living her best life.  I fully expect this to go the distance through the court process and get up to the circuit court level, where she will have to go through the proceedings of a felony case,” Lutz said.

According to police, Crowder’s reasoning for shooting Zoe was she was “aggressive” toward her poodle.

But when animal control confiscated the poodle there were no injuries to be seen.

Crowder was given a $1,500 bond and is expected back in court on Aug. 18.