SPRING ARBOR TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) — A woman from Spring Arbor Township in Jackson County says her sister is picking up the pieces after a devastating fire on Wednesday.

Now the family is asking for the public’s help.

“Everything is just gone, like literally,” said Christine Wastakiewicz, sister of woman who lost her home to fire.

Wastakiewicz says she and her family came back to her sister’s home today to see if anything could be salvaged after Wednesday’s fire.

She recalls the day of the fire.

  • A woman recently lost her home in Spring Arbor Township due to a fire. (Photo/Wastakiewicz)
  • The remains of her Spring Arbor Township home. (Photo/Wastakiewicz)
  • The interior of the home is badly scorched.  (Photo/Wastakiewicz)

“I ran up to her and gave her hugs and I told her that I would be there for her. Because she works so hard for everything and now it’s gone. She lost all the pictures of her kids when they were babies,” Wastakiewicz said.

She says five animals were in the home when the fire started. Firefighters were able to get them out of the house but one cat, Riley, didn’t make it.

“She was about 3 to 4-years-old. Very spunky little girl; she was mama’s baby. She was a gray tortoise shell — very pretty cat. My sister is lost without her,” Wastakiewicz said.

And just a day later, Wastakiewicz says her sister ended up in the hospital from all the stress.

“She had a heart attack from all the stress and a broken heart,” Wastakiewicz said.

Wastakiewicz says the Spring Arbor Fire Department and a few others responded to the scene, now they’re asking the local community for help.

“She needs everything. My sister is not wanting to ask for help. She works hard and I just want to help her, along with asking the community for their help. It would be very much appreciated,” Wastakiewicz said.

A GoFundMe is available for those looking to help the family out.