Jackson County’s most dangerous intersections for crashes revealed


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — Every community has them, dangerous intersections where you’re more likely to get in a car wreck.

New numbers show which intersections in a mid-Michigan community claim the most crashes.

6 News has a breakdown of the numbers and what’s being done to make these intersections safer.

Lt. Adam Williams of the Jackson Police Department says it seems that on a daily basis, his fellow officers are responding to West Avenue in Jackson.

“Fender benders and property damage more than anything,” Lt. Williams said.

West Avenue makes four appearances on the list of Jackson County’s most dangerous intersections for crashes.

The new numbers were recently released by county government and ranks crash data from 2012-2016.

The top 10 are all in one area of the county, a massive shopping area on the city of Jackson’s northwest border with Blackman Township.

“There are a lot of traffic lights, as well as a lot of business entrances so you have a lot of cars starting and stopping. Unfortunately, we have a lot of people on cell phones and not paying attention,” Lt. Williams said.

The top two intersections for crashes are where the busy shopping area meets I-94 in Blackman Township.

Coming in second place is the intersection of West Avenue, U.S. 127, and I-94 with 126 crashes.

First place goes to where Boardman Road meets Airport Road, just steps from an I-94 on-ramp.

That intersection has claimed 143 crashes.

The Michigan Department of Transportation says it has done work to make this intersection safer by re-timing traffic signals.

And when it comes to West Avenue, two intersections on Michigan Avenue are currently under re-construction.

M-DOT says all signals are being modernized to go along with the new roadway.

Lt. Williams says it’s important to remember that crashes are almost always caused by human error and not by the road.

“Everyone has a busy life, but they need to put the cell phones down while they’re driving and pay attention,” Lt. Williams said.

Drivers should also be aware that police are watching.

“When we have time available, we pull those statistics and look at the major intersections where the crashes are and we concentrate our patrols in those areas,” Lt. Williams said.

Visit this link to view a full list of intersection crash data in Jackson County: Intersection Crashes

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