Jackson cracking down on “junk cars” in neighborhoods


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — Whether it’s parked in your driveway or on your lawn, the city of Jackson wants it out of sight.

The city is cracking down on what they call “junk cars” that are plaguing neighborhoods.

It’s urban blight on wheels.

“Inoperable vehicles and junk cars,” said city of Jackson Public Information Officer Will Forgrave.

Forgrave says the city’s code enforcement is working with police officers to spot vehicles where they don’t belong.

He says it’s against city law to consistently park on lawns and have vehicles in driveways that don’t move.

“You can have it in the garage; you can be working on it. But if it’s on blocks in your driveway it can’t be longer than seven days,” Forgrave said.

First, the city mails violators a warning, and if you don’t put the petal to the metal you could face fines.

“$50, and if you get a second fine, $100,” Forgrave said.

Over the past two months, the city has sent out 137 warnings and fines.

Forgrave says the city is trying to improve the look of Jackson.

“It brings down property values. You want neighborhoods to look good, and you want to be courteous of the people you live near,” Forgrave said.

Some residents feel the city needs to prioritize.

“I think that it’s problematic. But I don’t think it’s as problematic as say this house next door to me,” said Joanne De Bus, who lives next to a condemned house on Pringle Avenue.

De Bus says the house has been empty for two years, and she’s been waiting for the city to take it down.

She believes abandoned homes and potholes pose more of a danger.

“I’d worry less about old cars and then I would about blighted houses,” De Bus said.

Forgrave says those are issues the city continues to work on.

But right now, they have the resources to make a dent in this particular problem.

“The fact of the matter is we can focus on more than one thing at once. We focus on all of it,” Forgrave said.

If you know of a vehicle violation in your neighborhood, contact the Jackson Department of Neighborhood and Economic Operations at 517-788-4060.

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