Deputy DeeDee and her handler. Courtesy of Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) —Two new K9 deputies have recently been purchased by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department after a couple of generous donations from the community. The department says these dogs are already making a difference in the community.

One unit, a 2-year-old female Belgian Malinois named DeeDee, was purchased with the help of a $25,000 donation from America 1 Credit Union. She is trained for a variety of tasks, including tracking, narcotics detection, searches, apprehension, and protection.

DeeDee was also named the fastest dog in her graduating class and can run at speeds up to 35 miles per hour. That’s fast enough to get a speeding ticket in a school zone. She will be serving in the field along with her handler, Deputy Bigger, a seven-year veteran of the department.

The other unit, a 2-year-old female Lab named Sam, was purchased using a $16,000 donation from an anonymous community member. This K9 specializes in tracking, narcotics detection, and finding objects.

Deputy Sam and her handler. Courtesy of Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

These skills will come in handy in the corrections division, where Sam will be working alongside her handler, Deputy Faling, a 3 veteran of the department.

Department officials hope these dogs have a long career helping the community and are thanking the donors who made this possible.

 “We could not have done this without the donation,” said Gary Schuette, Sherriff of Jackson County. “We have a great and supporting community.”