JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – A family in Jackson is left homeless after a fire gutted their house

One week ago, the Wiley family had their lives turned upside down. An apparent electrical shortage sparked a fire in their home.

The family of six is left digging through the rubble trying to salvage anything they can.

“There was a poof of smoke and I got up and looked and there was fire coming out of the wall,” said homeowner Teresa Wiley.

Wiley says in just a few seconds, the fire was out of control and made it impossible to breath

“Between then and like 15-30 seconds had passed Iit was it was full of smoke, I could barely see to get out. I mean I had to get down to get out,” she said.

The family of six made it out unharmed.

Now, they are digging through the ashes trying to salvage anything they can.

But some things can’t be replaced, like birthday gifts, photos and memories of lost loved ones, like her granddaughter’s father, who recently passed away

“Anything that he had given them bought them it was in there. Lucky for cell phones, these pictures are not lost. We haven’t got into all that yet so I don’t know how much of our actual photos are destroyed,” said Wiley.
Sadly, one of the family’s three cats died in the blaze And another one is still missing.

While things have been tough, Teresa says the community is helping them out. A bright spot in an otherwise dark moment.

“It’s great to see anything other than bad news, I mean, it’s great that so many people are helping it kinda renews your faith in humanity”

Right now the family has been staying at a hotel while they try and find a new home.

The family did not have insurance so the Blackman Township community held a clothing drive to help out.

There is also a Gofundme page here.