JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Finding a way to give back to their community. For Melissa and Jonathon Greene it’s a dream that started in their home garden during the pandemic.

“I ended up doing what most people do when they have a garden is overproducing vegetables, so my husband built this big beautiful cart and a big sign that said free produce and we ended up giving a lot of our free produce away,” said Melissa Greene.

It helped out their neighborhood but it also planted a seed of a new dream to start their own farm and grow their own food using regenerative practices. So they made the move from the city to the country.

It’s here where they took a leap of faith and started Greene Family Homestead. They did it with little farming experience.

“We didn’t come here with you know big tractors and as you look around there’s not a ton here, but that kind of encouraged us to upcycle a lot more and use the things that we had and to re-use the things that we had,” said Founder of Greene Family Homestead, Melissa Greene.

Thanks to farming mentors in the community and a lot of hard work they’re scaling up from fruit and veggies, and getting into the turkey business.

“We chose turkeys number one because it was different than what we saw, but we also knew that it was something that we could raise over a long period of time and sustain our family over a long period of time,” said Founder, Jonathon Greene.

For the last year, they raised more than 150 turkeys by using a safe, clean and nurturing environment. It’s allowed them to sell them to the community while knowing exactly where they came from.

“Having an understanding that they were humanely raised, raised with care and with love and we think that’s important to others and that’s why we’ve decided to start Greene family homestead and offer our turkeys to the public,” said Jonathon Greene.

Melissa says her hope is that this dream of growing food and raising animals this way shows others they can do it too.

“Giving back to the land is a way that the land will eventually repay you in years to come and that’s something that we truly believe down to our core.”

The Greene family says they’ve still got some turkeys in stock. If you’re interested there is a link here.