JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—What can you do to give back, and how can you change the narrative of Jackson? It’s a question raised by Stu Kail, someone who’s spent his entire life around these parts.

“There wasn’t always positive things. A lot of people didn’t want to be here at night, and a lot of businesses struggled to survive after 5 o’clock even,” said Director of Community Outreach, and marketing at The Walton Insurance Group, Stu Kail.

Out of that question came an idea, to start a campaign to bring positive stories on social media. They didn’t know exactly when, and where to begin, then the pandemic hit.

“It happened, and we all kind of looked around, and said we have to do this now. We got to start telling these stories, and giving these people something to look forward to,” said Kail.

So, they started ‘Good Things Going’ to put a spotlight on everyday people doing good in Jackson. People like Lindsey Phycas who is assisting people with disabilities.

“To be able to have someone that is shining a light on all of the things that are going well is truly an asset to Jackson,” said Club Life’s Director of Programming, Lindsey Phycas.

They’re approaching 40 stories told since the pandemic started. The stories vary from welders, to runners, to painters, and in each one they learn something new, but there is one common thread.

“People are just stronger here in Jackson .They’re better because they know what it takes to make our community whole,” said Kail.

They hope these everyday stories not only help brighten people’s day, but also help community organizations grow to reach even more in need.

“Maybe it’s fundraising. Maybe someone says you know what I got an extra ten bucks, or an extra hundred bucks, and I am going to give it to this organization,” said Kail.

Their stories are posted on their Facebook page. Just search Good Things Going Jackson.