JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Tammy Dindoffer has spent more than a decade researching human trafficking around the world and here in Michigan.

“If everybody did a little something. It could be eradicated,” said Executive Director of MyPlace Jackson, Tammy Dindoffer.

After hearing story after story of the trauma and struggles of many young women, she knew she had to do something more in her community.

“I don’t know how if you meet some of these girls and you hear about their situations, how you can not have it in your heart to want to try and help them,” said Dindoffer.

That something turned into opening this house. It’s called MyPlace. It’s a home for about 5 teenage girls at a time, who survived human trafficking or other forms of trauma and abuse.

Resident Director Alex Fagan says it’s about creating a safe space for them to live and heal, all while allowing them an affordable place to pave out a new future for their lives.

“Meeting them where they are at and helping them step by step whether it’s baby steps or when it becomes leaps and bounds to reach their goals, to learn how to be independent,” said Fagan.

That means everything from access to community resources like case management, optional support, mentorship, transportation, and daily encouragement.

“It’s so worth the hard days when we see them break through a barrier or reach a big goal or learn their worth more than they ever have before,” said Fagan.

Dindoffer says some of the girls are set to head off to college soon. She hopes they leave knowing how loved they are.

“They need to know that they are worthy and they are loved and they are supported. It just makes me and others, we’ve got great volunteers and staff just want to wrap our arms around every one of them.”

For ways you can support MyPlace or get involved there is a link below.