JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s easy to see Michael Buchko’s love for the Jackson community.

“Well he always wears that stars and stripes outfit, so he definitely sticks out,” said the Owner of Marshall Motors, Don Marshall.

Often decked out in red white and blue Buchko’s dedicated his life to feeding Jackson veterans and anyone in need.

“People love our cooking, so when we moved to Jackson that became our passion was feeding the homeless and the hungry,” said Buchko.

But a recent doctors appointment to get treatment on his back left Buchko with some tough news.

“They saw something on the scan that they believed was bleeding in my chest.”

His heart is failing. Buchko’s doctors say operating on it is too dangerous. So for now he’s at home in a wheelchair while he waits to see if he can find someone who will do the surgery. He doesn’t know how much time he has left and medical bills are piling up.

“I’m worried about leaving my family and how they are going to be if something does happen.”

But he’s not alone, the Jackson community is stepping up to help. They’ve started a go-fund-me to raise money for him and his family. The ones he’s served and worked with say they are ready to stand by him because of what he’s meant to so many people.

“People like that just on the goodness of your heart are definitely the best kind to have around,” said Marshall.

Buchko says the support has left him speechless.

“When I got the first phone call from somebody offering to help I literally was in tears.”

It’s inspiring him to keep fighting for however long it takes.

“If things miraculously work out and God decides to spare my life then I know I will be there to help because he’ll mean I have unfinished business.”

For ways you can support him and his family there is a link below.