Jackson, Mich. (WLNS) – A beam of steel from tower two rests at Cascade park in Jackson. It was recovered from ground zero nearly 40 feet below the rubble. Now with flowers in front and an American flag waving above it’s a memorial for all who lost their lives that day.

“It’s a testament to courage, resilience and sacrifices made by so many people,” said Blackmon Township firefighter, and Leader of Tunnels to Towers in Jackson, Jan Ganzel.

For Ganzel, looking down at this rusted beam is deeply personal. He grew up in New York and lost several friends that day.

“Pretty close connections there and over the years about six other people that I knew of or knew through high school and friends were lost that day.”

One story that sticks out to him most is the one of New York City firefighter Stephen Siller, whose’ picture he keeps wrapped around his neck and close to his heart. It’s just part of a testament of heroism that he keeps tattooed in his memory.

“On the morning of September 11th he had gotten off duty and he was on his way home to actually go catch up with his brothers who raised him since he was 9 years old to go play golf. Planes hit and he turned around and had to go back in and he called and said hey I’m not going to make it I got to go back into work and I’ll catch up with you guys later,” said Ganzel.

Siller didn’t make it home, but his heroism is evident. Now Ganzel is doing what he can to make sure future generations never forget. He’s hosting an event this Saturday night where they will light up the Cascade falls in red white and blue. It’s something he hopes allows the community to remember and honor all who were lost that day.

“I want them to feel good that this country is united and can be united and remember that yes this was a tragedy but there are so many good stories that came out of it. Stephens is just one of many.”

The gates will open at 8 pm just up the street from the memorial, with music and lights starting at dark