JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Finding your way on the road to recovery. For James Dean, it’s a journey of twists and turns, and a battle with alcohol that started at the age of 16.

“I lost my best friend and that’s when alcohol became a coping mechanism,” said Dean.

His struggles continued for years with decisions that led to three DUIs and ultimately put him behind bars.

“I’d lost everything when I was in jail,” said Dean.

It’s there where the father of three heard these words.

“The night before they let me out my son told me he said ‘dad, why can’t you just hurry up and come home?'”

And it hit him.

“That was my breaking point. I really realized how traumatic my actions had been on my family,” said Dean.

Now, pictures from his son fill up the front of his fridge inside his apartment at what’s known as ‘Andy’s Place.’ It’s a project that’s giving people a safe space to stay and live with their families while providing them a place to recover, heal and get the resources they need to stay clean.

“My life has done a complete 180 in the past 10 months. The sense of peace that I acquired when we first walked through that door was something I’ve never felt before,” said Dean.

For founder Mike Hirst, it’s those words that show what’s possible.

“There are some great people over there that society has taken a look at and said hey these people are all losers. Well, James isn’t a loser and people there aren’t losers, and they are proving they are not losers. They are proving that they are willing to get up and they are willing to go do the work. They just needed an opportunity,” said the Founder of Andy’s Place, Mike Hirst.

Stories that are deeply personal for Hirst. He first had the idea to build this place after losing his son to an overdose on May 17th, 2010, and as the anniversary of his passing nears, he knows this place has given his son’s life a legacy that’s carried on through people like James.

“Andy had a real big-time purpose.”

James has a message for anyone who feels like they’ve hit rock bottom.

“Ask for help. Don’t let your pride keep you from living a happy life, because that was me.”

A new life he knows that is just getting started.

“My creator has me on a path for a reason.”