JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — “I’m trading off making money for making a real difference and that’s pretty rewarding,” said Andy’s Place founder Mike Hirst.

When Hirst first got the idea to build Andy’s place back in 2016, he knew it would make an impact on people struggling with drug addiction. That’s because he’d seen the need before for resources from his son who passed away from an overdose in 2010.

“He said, ‘You know dad, I just don’t have a purpose in this world.’ That’s how far down he had drilled himself. So I said, ‘Of course you have a purpose.’ And he said, ‘What is it?’ I said, ‘Well I’m not sure what it is but I know there’s a purpose.’ And then he passed away three days later. Now I know what his purpose was,” Hirst said.

In honor of his son Andy, he led the mission to bring this complex to Jackson. It’s giving people a safe space to stay and live with their families, while also providing them a place they can recover, heal and get the resources they need to stay clean.

“There’s no time limit. If this is your safe spot in life where this is going to keep you clean and productive and off drugs. You’re more than welcome to stay here as long as you want,” said Hirst.

Andy’s Place is hoping to expand so they can help even more people. Starting with pregnant moms who are currently behind bars or in the court system battling substance abuse.

“We’re going to get them out of there, we’re going to get them out of the jails and we are going to get them into rehab. We’re going to get them back here, so that got the proper care that they can finish off their pregnancy in a nice safe clean environment. You know I always say if we can save the mom we got a hell of a chance of saving that kid,” Hirst said.

Hirst knows Andy is looking down proud of the purpose and legacy that continues to grow.

“Well I’m sure he’s got a pretty big smile on his face. You know many of the people that he knew that were using drugs at the time he was using you know they’ve been here. People have stayed here from that era,” Hirst said.

All the finances are in place for phase two. They are just waiting for final state approval. Once that happens they hope to have the next phase built in 2023.