JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Jackson Mayor Daniel Mahoney shared a look back at the progress made in the city and shared his hopes for the future ahead Wednesday night.

It is Mahoney’s second State of the City address.

The first topic? Public safety. Mahoney cited a 45% reduction in gun violence and a 57% reduction in gun deaths for the year.

Next, Mahoney touted housing advancements, specifically the selling of 45 vacant city-owned lots, the Greenwood Apartment project, and the selling of over 137 city-owned lots for single-family homes.

After that was the city’s economic development. Mahoney specifically discussed the city’s new businesses like Blue Julep, RJ’s Heavenly Delights and the Commonwealth. He also touted the new downtown social district. He also touched on investments on the city’s south side.

Next was the city’s DEI. The city celebrated Asian Heritage Month by planting a cherry blossom tree in the city park. The city also honored LGBTQ people, Native American Heritage Month and more.

The city received several requests for assistance in aiding the homeless population, Mahoney said, specifically from business owners and concerned citizens.

“We funded an emergency hotel program for the homeless to provide a safe warm place to
be during the most vulnerable months of the year and we partnered with Residence in
Action to provide structure and implementation of the project,” said Mahoney.

So, what can Jackson look forward to in the future?

Better roads, a more sustainable city infrastructure, and improved broadband internet access, Mahoney said.

“We will soon be developing a broadband Taskforce to create a plan to close the digital
divide. George Clinton said the revolution won’t be televised but it will be digitized and we
must work hard to make sure all citizens have fair and equitable access to high speed
internet,” said Mahoney.

This is just a quick breakdown, of course. You can check out a more detailed explanation at 6 News at 11.