JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Neighbors in the Coffman Trailer Court say they received a boil water advisory exactly one week ago. The notice says it’s a bacteria contamination in the water system. The people living there believe it’s just one of many issues that have gone unnoticed for months, and they want answers.

“Just in awe. Just blown away I mean you can’t drink it, now we can’t wash our hands it’s pretty bad,” said Paul Davis.

Davis has lived in this community for nine years. He’s one of several people living here who says the water which comes out of a nearby well is unsafe. It’s caused them to constantly buy bottled water.

“Most everybody in here is on fixed income that can’t afford that,” said Davis.

Dripping water from hoses is also leaving a trail of rust. Davis says it’s also affecting his wife’s health.

“Nausea and stuff like that. My wife’s going through it.”

The issues don’t stop there. Trash continues to build up that hasn’t been picked up in months.

“I can’t even open up my windows anymore because of this garbage.”

New ownership out of Ohio called CMH Capital recently bought the property. They specialize in bringing parks like this back to life. They say they are working on the issues, and recent tests show the water is safe, but they understand why there are concerns. They say this park was neglected for years.

“The reason why mobile home parks get the way they do is obviously this mobile home park was probably pretty low grade before I was even born. And it went downhill from there. I mean some of the homes in there are older,” said the company’s President, Corey Woodruff.

The company also says they have a state-licensed group that will be testing the water every month. Adding, they say they will do whatever is necessary to make sure the water is safe for residents.

“Whether we got to put in a chlorinated system or whatever we have to do the state will guide us on that and they are usually really nice about it you know they will show us how to do it and we get it done.”

While the company says their tests show the water is safe, neighbors tell me they have not been notified. CMH Capital says total re-investment of the park will be completed in about a year.