JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – 6 News told you about an internal investigation that revealed deputies with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office followed protocol in a chase that led to the death of a 15-year-old.

The teen’s mother believes the results of that investigation are far from the truth.

“I mean I think you just said it yourself right there, internal investigation. If it were my group of friends I’m not gonna tell on them either,” Shawndra Mundinger, the mother of 15-year-old Jordan Jarrell said.

Jordan died during a police chase in Jackson County. A sheriff’s office investigation recently ruled that its deputies followed proper pursuit protocol in that chase. 

On April 28, when deputies with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office tried to pull over a speeding Jeep Wrangler, the driver sped up.

During the chase, the Wrangler rolled over several times before landing upright, then sped away again.

Two of the five teens in the truck were ejected and left behind, including Jarrell. Officials say they didn’t know that anyone was thrown out of the vehicle until later.

“It’s hard for me to believe that didn’t nobody see my son fly out. How are you not watching the vehicle as it’s rolling through a yard? My son’s not tiny,” Mundinger said.

Mundiger said there are a few things that don’t add up.

“How would you know to turn around on a car for speeding if they were doing five over and you didn’t have your radar gun on? You’re not gonna know that so you lied right there saying you whipped around on them for speeding. Why didn’t your dash cam start there, it starts when you’re following the kids,” she said.

Mundiger said she feels deputies could have handled things differently.

“The kids were not doing what they should’ve been doing, I get that but a life taken for it is not what should’ve been the consequence.”

And for this mom of six and her family, life without Jarrell will never be the same.

“I’m so hurt. My kids are so hurt and this has just devastated our whole family.”

Right now, Mundinger says she wants another agency to do an investigation to help put her mind at ease.