JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)- A once abandoned Jackson lot is getting a new paint job.

“It had been vacant for about 8 years and as an old-time paintball player I thought one day why not,” said Greg Schultz.

Today it’s a dream fulfilled for Schultz. He’s the owner of what is now Night Ops Paintball. It’s a project that took more than two years to transform 24 acres of space into multiple paintball courses. He says it was a journey to get here as the pandemic brought its own barriers.

“From the equipment standpoint it was delayed almost 6 to 8 months,” said Schultz.

Now he’s ready to bring back the fun that’s been missing for years.

“It’s built for entertainment rather than the big paintball scenario, the war games. We want people from the local community to have another option for entertainment.,” Schultz said.

He calls it a unique rush of adrenaline.

“You get out there and you don’t think about it until you’re actually in the action,” Schultz said.

For people like Mason Schroeder, it’s something he’s been wanting to see come to Jackson.

“It’s a lot of fun to know that there is another event out in Jackson that we can play and get out with the friends, rather than having to travel so long to go have a place like this and just have some fun.”

Schultz says he’s grateful for the multiple Jackson businesses and volunteers who made his dream possible.

“Without their help, it wouldn’t have happened.”

The complex is having a soft opening Friday night from 5 to 11 pm. Anyone is welcome and reservations can be made online. The official grand opening is set for July 22nd.