The walkways around Jackson high school are quiet now, but in less than two weeks students will return from summer break.

“It feels good to kind of be past the pandemic as much as we can be,” said Jackson Public Schools Superintendent, Jeff Beal. “

The district says while they are fully ready to once again return to the classroom, it’s seeing a rise in interest in online learning at their South Central Michigan Virtual school.

“Obviously the pandemic kind of led into that, but even as we returned to school last year our numbers just bloomed out there,” said Beal. “That will absolutely be one of the largest programs in Jackson Public Schools before long.”

There are currently more than 540 kids enrolled from kindergarten to 12th grade. Director Fred Parker says they work to make things easy for students and parents.

“We have parents that come to us and are looking for that personal touch. They don’t want to go into the virtual abyss, so we hire certified and highly qualified teachers that are assigned to each student,” said Parker.

It’s all completely free as a part of the Jackson school system. Every piece of equipment is provided for students to learn from home, but help is also provided here in their learning center.

“Students and families can come on site and actually learn and get tutoring and do their work in a safe and quiet place,” said Parker.

Beal says they’ve made sure the school has everything a kid needs to be successful.

“It’s a full Michigan merit curriculum, so it’s not any kind of a lesser degree. You get the same high school diploma that you get no matter what high school you go to in the state of Michigan.”

Enrollment is still open. For more information check our their website.