JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s well known that roads across mid-Michigan are in desperate need of repair, but crumbling bridges are also a concern.


6 News spoke with city officials in Jackson about a plan to repair bridges in the city.


Drivers pass over a narrow stretch of the Grand River that flows through Jackson, not knowing that several bridges supporting them are in rough shape.


“They’re not failing, they’re not dangerous to drive over, they’re just bumpy. But a lot of them are old,” said City Public Information Officer Will Forgrave.


The Jackson City Council recently voted to request $2.8 million in state funding to repair bridges.


“Which covers about 76 percent of the project cost, the city will fund the rest,” Forgrave said.


The city plans on using the money to fix seven bridges in Jackson.


Right now two of them are in dire need of repair.


Weight restrictions are in place for bridges at East High and East Washington because of deteriorating conditions.


Forgrave says plans call for replacing these bridges.


“Doing a complete rebuild, those will last another generation,” Forgrave said. “And then the other five will be maintained and upgraded.”


Those include bridges on Mechanic and North streets, along with a historic bridge at Cascades Park.


Forgrave understands some taxpayers would rather see this money go toward road repairs, but the state is making funds available specifically for bridges.


“Given the opportunity in state funding, it’s a great opportunity for us to fix a lot of infrastructure here in the city,” Forgrave said.


The city says it could be several years before the money becomes available to fix bridges.