JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Jackson Area Club Soccer officials are asking for help as they try to deal with vandalism on some of their soccer fields.

“It’s really tough when you are trying to build something for the community, and you have people that do this,” said Coach Chris Perez.

Perez has been a coach with Jackson Area Club Soccer for over a year, they’ve been trying to renovate the space next to Northeast Elementary School but some community members don’t share the sentiment.

“[I have] shown up at practice before and had truck marks going through our entire field… It’s been a problem for a while, and it’s been trucks, or quads, or side by sides,” said Perez.

And it’s not just the turf, but they’ve even had a shed broken into, with expensive equipment stolen.

It’s an issue that’s only growing with the nice weather and as more and more kids get out on the field to play, so do these joyriders.

Sometimes at the same time.

The soccer club has tried to deal with them by putting up over 20 signs, but now…

“Only three of them are still up… the rest have been torn down or broken,” said the club’s president, Chris Elliott.

Now, they want action.

When 6 News reached out to Jackson Police, they told us their officers will be briefed.

“Letting all the officers know about this incident so that way they can give it extra patrol during the day and at night time… We are going to speak to neighbors in the area,” said Lt. Jason Ganzhorn.

JPD said those responsible could be charged with malicious destruction of property or trespassing.

Perez and Elliott say they will be putting up cameras but a fence could take some time and fundraising.

Until then, they hope their message gets out.

“We ask that you don’t do it, think of the kids, think about if your kid was playing on these fields what would you do?” said Perez.