JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Shanice Galloway is cooking for the loved ones she’s lost.

“If I give up I’m giving up on them, so I got to keep their names alive,” said Galloway.

It’s part of her business called Meech and Muff Heavenly Foods. Galloway started and named the business after her brother and fiancé who were both killed in recent years to gun violence.

“I’m actually going through it now and as the time goes I’m not going to say it’s better but I’m learning to live without them.”

She’s cooking up comfort food every day for the community, the homeless and the people closest to her.

“It’s friends and family that are all going through the same tragedy and I want to be able to have my story to keep that them going,” said Galloway.

She’s hoping to raise awareness for gun violence, but her cooking is also a source of comfort to help her grieve and find purpose. With every order the pictures of the ones she’s lost are close to her heart as she remembers the words her fiancé once told her after losing her brother.

“Turn your pain into a hustle. So I would just cook you know that’s what my pain was and I just strive for it and I’m very passionate about it.”

It’s advice that she hopes helps anyone who is struggling with a loss.

“The struggles that I’m going through and I keep pushing through. You know that’s all. I just want to be an inspiration, a listening ear to be able to help them with their story.”

Galloway says while there are still many chapters left in her journey of healing, she knows both her brother and fiancé are proud of what she’s doing.

“I know they are smiling down on me, even though that I’m going through a struggle with not having them there physically with me, but I know I am making them happy. I’m keeping their names alive, and it just doesn’t start here and it’s not going to stop until my last breathe.”

Galloway takes orders through her Facebook page. She plans to soon have a business website.