HILLSDALE, Mich. (WLNS) – Tightly wrapped in a blanket and hat, these baby dolls are a gentle sense of comfort for seniors living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

“Really it’s just I saw a need and I saw that it’s something I could do,” said Founder of Ladies with Babies, Aimee Potts.

Potts helps deliver these babies to senior living centers around the state, all for free. It’s part of her non-profit Ladies with Babies. Potts says the idea started after watching her grandma battle with dementia, and seeing the joy and peace this doll brought her.

“This baby created a new bond for us, we dressed it together, we danced with it together, sang songs, and he just brought a great joy to her life.”

It’s a feeling of love and care that goes hand in hand at places like here in Hillsdale. For caregivers like Samantha Peak, the impact is evident by the look in the eyes of the seniors she’s dedicated her life to serving.

“It’s heart melting. You know the minute they get their baby and their face instantly lights up. It is so heartwarming,” said Life and Enrichment Supervisor at Hillsdale County Medical care facility, Samantha Peak.

Peak says it’s helped ease the burden of certain daily tasks, but it’s also created a new daily purpose for each one of them.

“They’ve been able to bond with them. I think that’s been the most impressive thing is that they bond with them in ways that we never expected.”

Potts says every baby is sponsored by a family in the community, and it’s the responses she keeps hearing that inspires her.

“He asked me is this for me? Am I his new dad? He named the baby James. It was just beautiful.”

Potts knows her grandma is looking down proud, but for her there are still more babies she wants to deliver.

“I really would love to just be connected with every facility in our state and that I would be their go-to person if they found a resident who would benefit from having a baby.”

Each baby doll costs $60 to sponsor. For ways you can get involved there is a link below.