JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – There’s a new dash of color scattered across the walls and alleyways of downtown Jackson. It’s all part of the annual Bright Walls Festival led by Clay and Leslie McAndrews.

“Someone can find something they love no matter where they turn and it’s exhilarating and exciting to know that that’s right here in Jackson,” said Founder, Leslie McAndrews.

The idea to bring this to Jackson started with their own love for each other and for murals.

“When it came time for us to take the next step in our relationship Clay actually proposed to me in front of a mural in Boston that said love.”

From that moment on a dream was born, and now in the 5th year of the festival, their impact is hard to miss. 33 more murals are being painted this week bringing the total to 74. Artists from around the state and world are here to leave their mark on the community with every spray of paint and stroke of their brush.

“My goal is that for whenever someone walks by or even arrives to this wall in the morning for work because it’s a parking lot that it just gives them like a burst of energy of happiness,” said Jessi Raulet who travels from France to be a part of the festival.

While other artists from Jackson say seeing so many artists come together for a community is inspiring to see.

“Just Joy I mean every corner you turn in downtown Jackson right now is just freaking gorgeous,” said Audra Olivia. “It’s so exciting to see everything take shape.”

McAndrews says this will be the festival’s final year. She calls it a bittersweet ending but she’s grateful for all the hard work from their team of volunteers and artists.

“We have set out to do what we wanted to do and we are hopeful now that by all that we have done it will inspire the next team of people to dream up their own idea to leave an impact on Jackson.”

The event runs until Sunday.