JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Old photos decorate the walls inside Jackson’s House of Taco. For owner Chuck Minix they’re a constant reminder of community and a sense of gratitude for the nearly 50 years he has gotten to live out his own American dream.

“A lot of small businesses don’t make it and we found a way to make it work. Not because of me but because of everybody that’s worked here,” said Minix.

Chuck took over the restaurant at the age of 19. Now, after countless days of getting up before the sun, he says it’s time for a much-needed retirement

“You don’t think of it as you’re going through your life but it sure has been great.”

Chucks says he hopes this place has made an impact not only by feeding the community but by also being a family business where anyone is welcome. It’s something his daughter Kristen who practically grew up here says is evident with every customer who comes through the door.

“It really comes down to the people and I was just shocked and I still am to this day we still joke about it. People’s favorite thing to say when they come in is where’s Chuck? Is Chuck here? Is Chuck around can I say hi to chuck?”

Kristen says working here side by side with her dad has taught her the importance of hard work and cherishing time spent with family.

“The older I get the more I appreciate the time with my dad and the things that I’ve learned and getting to spend more time with my dad than most people ever would in their lives,” she said.

Chuck says leaving behind a business that’s been his whole life is bittersweet, but he says the community support has been overwhelming. For now, he’ll look a little bit longer at the photos of the people that made this place possible.

“It’s something we are going to have for the rest of our lives, so we can bring back the memories of here and all the people we’ve met. It’s been great.”

There’s still time to say one last hello and get one last taco. The closing date is set for this Saturday.