JFK documents may shed new light, but questions will likely remain forever


Former state treasurer Douglas Roberts has quite the connection to President John F. Kennedy.

His dad, Emory Roberts, was a secret service agent for five presidents and the shift leader in Dallas sitting in the car directly behind President Kennedy when he was assassinated.

Roberts says he was in class at the time of the shooting and remembers what happened when he heard the news.

“The principal came over the intercom and said the president had been assassinated, that Governor Connelly had been wounded, and a secret service agent had been killed. That was incorrect, but that was announced.  Well, I didn’t raise my hand I was out of the room.”

Roberts said he ran as fast as he could to a hallway pay phone and quickly began to collect coins in his pocket to call home.

“I called my mother and asked if dad was ok, she said, he’s fine… he’s fine.  I really thought there for a moment that I had lost the President and my father in the same day.”

Roberts said his father flew home that evening and the moment he arrived went downstairs to write his report of what happened, a report Roberts said his father let him read.

“He specifically said in his report that he did not know if one or two weapons were used or fired, however, all the noise came from over his shoulder, which was the school book depository.  It was not the grassy knoll.

Now after more than 50 years since the tragedy a collection of more than 3,000 sealed documents, never seen by the public, will be unsealed and released. For most Americans these hidden JFK documents bring curiosity, but for Roberts, it also brings back some pain.

“There is clearly interest, there is clearly intrigue, but these are also issues you have to face again. It was a very difficult time for my family, a very difficult time for the country, and that’s after many years.”

For decades there’s been uncertainty and conspiracy theories as to what really happened. Roberts says he believes these thoughts will remain even after these new documents are made public.

“Regardless of what is released I regret to say that will not satisfy people. There will be those who will say this is not true or there was something else. Maybe that’s just the nature of the world we live in.”

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