(WLNS) – There may not be any serious storms in the forecast but StormTracker 6 meteorologist Jim Geyer is tracking a different kind of storm.

It’s that kind that will make you want to throw your hands into the air and scream.

“Storm Chaser” is one of the newest attractions at Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville.

The ride packs twelve airtime moments, three inversions, two overbanks and a ten-story barrel roll drop from the first lift hill, the first such drop on any coaster in the US.

With all those features park officials say the ride could easily become one of the best in the nation. “Well, coaster enthusiasts will know RMC, that’s Rocky Mountain Constructions, built this coaster and they’ve won several awards in the industry. They’ve got their eye on this coaster because as the president of RMC said when he rode it, this is the best one yet,” said Kentucky Kingdom director of operations Lesly Birkner.