LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Today in Lansing, three companies hosted job fairs.

The first was organized by Dean Transportation.

“We’ve had about a dozen applicants come through and we’ve already hired a few,” Dean Transportation Staffing Supervisor Ashleigh Olsen said.

The Lansing School District is also looking for help and is hiring for more than just educators.

“We’ve got a wide array for all people, all skill sets,” Human Resources Manager for Lansing School District Erin Miracle said.

And we can’t forget about Michigan State University’s hiring fair, who’s looking to fill positions before the Fall.

“We want to provide excellent service to our students so the more robust of a team we have, the better we are able to do that,” Human Resources Director for Student Life and Engagement Kelly High McCord said.

Officials with MSU said they’re not just looking for full-time roles, but part-time ones too.

“Primarily, our positions for today were in culinary services and our facilities and janitorial staff,” High McCord said.

Olsen with Dean Transportation told 6 News that her company and team are growing and job fairs like these are beneficial.

“We’ve been doing these for a few years now and it really does help generate interest, especially from those folks who may not think that bus driving would be a good opportunity for them or that they would be capable of that,” she said.

Unfortunately, the Lansing School District said it isn’t seeing much growth when it comes to the number of qualified teachers.

“There is a teacher shortage going on across the United States,” Miracle said. “It’s not specific to our district or our state. Unfortunately, I think that people are just being drawn away from schools in the profession.”

But there are still applicants, like Jessica Mead, who want to be closer to home.

“I currently work for East Lansing School District, but I graduated from Eastern High School, and so I’m like ‘I need to come home.’ This is where I’m supposed to be in Lansing,” she said.

Even thoughEven though today’s job fairs are over, all three are still looking for qualified candidates at Careers – Dean – Dean Transportation – Dean Trailways (  Dean Transportation, Lansing School District – TalentEd Hire (  Lansing School District, and MSU Careers Recent Jobs at MSU.