Judge denies motion to stop construction at Ormond Park


We continue to follow the latest on the controversial project to create a new entrance to Lansing’s Groesbeck Golf Course.

6-News has learned that an Ingham County Judge has denied a motion filed by neighbors aimed to stop construction in the park once again.

This means construction will continue as planned for the city and right now, there’s not much the group “Friends of Ormond Park” can do about it.

While there may still be some legal options left, it’s a race against the clock because crews are already digging through the park laying the ground work for the new road.

However, if members of the group decide to push forward, they can continue the lawsuit against the city and they could take the decision to life the restraining order to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

“We always have to think in part about how much is this going to cost and how much can we sustain and how much fundraising can we expect to do. So those are the kinds of things that we’ll be considering right along with what do we want and what are we determined to go after,” says Friends of Ormond Park spokesperson, Peter Wood.

This all started as the city began to pave a new driveway to Groesbeck Golf Course through Ormond Park.

The members of “Friends of Ormond Park” say they don’t want to lose green space for kids to play and the road could raise environmental concerns.

However, city officials argue, the new entrance would generate more revenue for the golf course that currently loses money every year.

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