Disgraced former doctor Larry Nassar’s motion for a new sentence was denied Monday in an Ingham County courtroom.

Nassar’s attorneys made the motion in July, claiming Judge Rosemarie Aquilina showed impermissible bias when she sentenced him to between 40 and 175 years in prison. During Monday’s hearing, they said “No one is above the law, but no one is below the law.”

Aquilina denied the motion, saying Nassar agreed to the deal, and appeared to be suffering from “buyer’s remorse,” regretting taking the deal after going to prison.

“This is not Burger King. He will not have it his way,” Aquilina said. “He is trying to order everything up his way, and forget the original order he made that’s already been filled.”

Aquilina added Nassar “got the benefit of his deal.”

“Council for the people said he’s the nation’s worst sexual predator. I think it’s probably the world’s worst sexual predator,” she said. “Each of the 7 counts he plead to, he assaulted each of those victims multiple times.”

Nassar’s attorneys also challenged federal sentence of 60 years, which will be served before he begins serving his local sentence. That effort was also denied.

Meanwhile, the Michigan Court of Appeals also declined to overturn a ruling by an Ingham County judge, which kept Aquilina on the case.

Nassar survivor Lindsey Lemke was in the courtroom as Aquilina handed down her ruling. She said the proceedings went as she expected.

“I think Judge Aquilina was pretty on-point just when she said, ‘Larry basically made his bed, and now he has to lay in it.’ Because has no remorse. He makes himself the victim out of everything,” she said. “And especially after, I mean, seeing all 150+ of us in that courtroom speak up about our stories. And he still finds it ok to come in here and want a different sentence. That’s just ridiculous to me.”