LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) -The annexation of a Lansing Township neighborhood is facing a new legal challenge Tuesday.

An Ingham County judge has blocked two ballot proposals from going to voters in November. If approved, they would have asked voters to bring the Groesbeck neighborhood into the City of Lansing.

City of Lansing and Ingham county election officials said Lansing Township filed a lawsuit against both offices recently. For county Clerk Barb Byrum, this legal move adds pressure ahead of key deadlines.

“Time is not on our side. Many people think elections are a one-day thing and they are anything but,” said Byrum.

Byrum said questions over two ballot proposals that address the future of the Groesbeck neighborhood are a bump in the road to an already complex path to the November election. She says the next few weeks are filled with critical deadlines overseas and military voters need their ballots by September 24. Absentee voters need theirs by the 29th.

Byrum said she wants to start printing ballots next week, and that’s only the start of a long process to get all the ballots ready for people who live in the county and the Groesbeck neighborhood.

“Ballots must be approved by candidates. If there are questions on the ballot those must be approved by the jurisdiction or the school district,” said Byrum.

She said several rounds of approvals limited the number of qualified printers and possible paper shortages add to the need to get ballots out the door.

A City of Lansing official told 6 News that the city will file an appeal to lift the block on Wednesday. Voters said they are disappointed by the move.

Those who support leaving the township for the city said they are concerned about debt issues facing the township. Regardless, Bryum said voters should expect ballots to be ready for the elections.

“As county clerk, I don’t decide what’s on the ballot. One jurisdiction placed a question on the ballot, another jurisdiction doesn’t want the question on the ballot,” she said. “I’m just wanting to make sure every qualified registered voter is afforded the opportunity to exercise their right to vote and part of that is they timely receive their ballots,” said Byrum.