Judi Brown Clarke announces mayoral bid, opponent Andy Schor responds


From City Council woman to potential Mayor, Judi Brown Clarke told me she’s excited about this announcement and committed to the Capitol City. And during this competition, she plans to use her background to her advantage.

Former Olympic athlete and Lansing City Council President, Judi Brown Clarke has been running races her whole life, but she says this time, it’s her resume that gives her a head start.

“If you think about a career path, ya know, a lot of times you’re picking up tools and skills and so on, and every once and a while a job comes before you that lets you culminate all those skills, and that’s what this job is,” says Clarke.

She’s served on the City Council for 4-years and just wrapped up a year as it’s leader.

Now, she says, she’s ready to take her leadership to the next level, and has her sights set on the Mayor’s Office.

“I have absolutely no doubt that every goal that we’re going to outline, is attainable,” says Clarke.

If elected, Brown Clarke says, some of those goals, include bringing more businesses to Lansing and cracking down on crime.

But before she has a chance to put any plans in motion, she has at least one other competitor standing in her way.

State Representative, Andy Schor, is also running, and while he may have thought Mayor Virg Bernero would be his biggest opponent in the race, he says, Brown Clarke’s announcement hasn’t changed his plans.

“The players may have changed, but the script is still the same ya know, I believe I have significant support within the community and that’s what people told me, which led me to get into the race last week, and I’m going to continue to talk about what I would bring to this city if the voters chose me to be the next mayor,” says Schor.

Earlier this week, Mayor Virg Bernero announced he would not seek re-election to the office he’s held for 12 years.

Brown Clarke told me, that may have affected her timeline, but not her decision to run.

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