LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — If you’ve seen all the “Jurassic Park” movies and you’re down for a dinosaur adventure that’s a bit more in-person (and kid-friendly)–then you might have just such an opportunity at the Meridian Mall this weekend and next weekend.

Jurassic Empire,” an interactive dinosaur exhibit with many dino-themed rides and exhibits, will be at Meridian Mall from Nov. 18-19 and Nov. 24-26. It’s in the old Yonkers store building, building Schuler Books and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and tickets start at $20 and must be purchased online. It’s $33 for an unlimited ride pass.

  • Jurassic Empire, the exhibit, opens at Meridian Mall Saturday, Nov. 18.

You and your kids will get to interact with life-sized, walking “dinosaurs” and other ice-age creatures, like the Sabre-toothed tiger.

Activities include stationary dino rides, bounce houses, photo opportunities, interactive baby dinos, walking dinos and others.

The event is indoors. The venue is at 1982 W. Grand River Avenue in Okemos.